I Hate The Cold...for Working Out

It's cold in Texas.... like in the 30s...

That may not seem like much to y'all Northerners, but it's hard for us Texans!!!

Thank baby Jesus we do not have to deal with snow (in South Texas anyways..), people would go freakin nuts! We go nuts enough over ice! We do not know how to drive in the cold, it confuses the shit out of everyone. 

How Texans act when there's ice on the road!
It's bad when the roads do ice over because there are wrecks everywhere you look...because we are not used to that shit! 

The only thing I like the cold for is for the clothes you get to wear. I love wearing scarfs and jackets and boots and so on! 

The worst thing about the cold weather is that it seriously hurts my motivation to work out....

You will never see Fluffy out doing this:

Hell no...First of all I have never even seen that much snow in person, but if I did I would not be running in it!!! 

I'd rather be doing this:

Not smoking...just sitting by the fire ;)

I live in a really old, drafty ass house. Therefore if it's cold outside, it's cold inside, hot outside, hot inside....it sucks! The sacrifice you pay to live in a big, pretty, old house...

But when I get home from work, the first thing I want to do is change into sweats and a hoodie and sit on the couch with a blanket around me!! ....not do Ripped in 30 and have Jillian yelling at me...

I'd rather do this:

Not really though because I don't like puffy cheetos... 

Anyways, I want to kick myself for not doing my RI30 yesterday, but I was just so cold, and lazy...

But I don't want to wind up like this:

So today I'll be sucking it up, and doing my DVD because I don't want to be a fat lard, and I want to beat Jason at our weight loss competition! ;) 

I'll let y'all know tomorrow how our weigh in went on Sunday!!! 


  1. We don't even have cold weather right now and everyones snow pictures have me mentally saying, "nope". We gotta get back on it girl!

  2. I swear the hardest thing is to get motivated to go to the gym when it's freezing outside. And when I say freezing I mean FREEZING! I live in Cleveland and this morning it was 22 degrees! AHH talk about I'm going to turn into a big sexy block of ice!

  3. I'm the exact same way...which is why I prefer to work out in the mornings or it just won't happen...except this morning, when I bailed on both our original workout plan and then secondary snooze option we made via text after bailing on the first one...now I have to sit at my desk all day "dying to workout" (pretending I want to workout)...

  4. I love your blog Fluffy! Just curious how many calories you burn when you do the Jillian Dvd? That would be a great way for me to excersize since is cold in California. We don't get snow so I should have no excuses.

  5. I love the Angelica gif! The Rugrats were awesome!! Driving on ice is no joke. Snow is much easier than ice.

  6. Definitely feelin' ya on the winter workout motivation. There is something about cold that just takes all of the energy out of me and makes me want to permanently wear sweats. Especially this time of year when bikini season seems sooooo far away. Good luck at the weigh in!

  7. It's SO cold and we have so much snow. The roads are snow packed and trying to drive around is such a pain.I do have my home gym, so other than getting the kids to/from school and basketball, I do pretty much stay home. I am motivated to workout just to warm up! But I'm coming down with something, so that isn't helping ...

  8. I love cheeto puffs! lol

    You are lucky you are in south Texas. Today was the first time the ice started to melt over here in Dallas.. no fun! Almost wrecked yesterday when my car started sliding and thankfully no cars were around. My friend got into a fender bender pulling up to our work parking lot.. damn ice!

    You should also try a gym. That's really the only motivation I have plus the guy I'm dating works out at my gym too and I get to see him LOL.

    We can do this girl! :)

    Bella Dateless in Dallas

  9. Cold weather makes me want to do absolutely nothing too and I live in Michigan which equals bad news bears. My motivation seriously lacks in the winter! I got a spinning bike as an early Christmas present though and it is right in my room, so I've been quite motivated the past week. Now, I just have to keep it going.

  10. I don't mind the cold... but I hate the ice and snow... they make me not even want to go out to my mailbox!

  11. As a Minnesotan who moved down to Texas the beginning of this post cracked me up!

  12. Changing into sweats and a hoodie is EXACTLY what I love to do when I come home. Thankfully because I'm getting up and doing 30DS before work I can do just that. It is a great feeling to know my work out is done and out of the way before I even go to work. But I also don't have to be in until 11 every day so it's not like I have to get up super early to do that.

    Come to Wisconsin for vacation in winter and I'll give you a lesson in driving in the snow and ice so you'll be a pro when the ice hits Texas. The downside is that no matter where you are and no matter how well you handle driving in the snow/ice you have no control over the other people driving in the same conditions.

  13. A new follower via GFC. I'm looking forward to your upcoming blog activity. Goodluck to your fitness journey! <3

    Najmah from Covered Anatomy


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