Don't EVER Ask The "Question"

I've written a post before about things that are said to or about you whenever you are overweight...or just not society's definition of skinny. 

I just want to get a little more in depth with the worst thing that can ever be said to a woman that's overweight.... Everyone knows the "question" that we all dread hearing:

"How far along are you?"

"Are you pregnant?"

"Is it a little boy or a little girl?" do you say to that person when you are in fact not pregnant???

It's hard to say shit when you are gasping from them pretty much punching you in the gut they thought had a baby in it...

It is the worse feeling in the world to hear those words directed towards you when you aren't even pregnant. Ugh...

First off, here is a Public Service Announcement: Do NOT ever ask a woman if she is pregnant, unless you are 1000% sure she is!!! Wait for her to say she's preggo, or someone close to her to say she's preggo! Do NOT assume SHIT!

Now, there are a few different emotions you go through after being asked if you are preggo and are not: 

Smiling at their question, and attempting to catch your breath after all the air leaves your lungs...

Then you experience the complete shock...and ask your self again if they really said that...

Then you realize how freakin rude it was of them to even ask without knowing for sure....

Then this emotion/action passes over you, known as the "Bitch Slap"

Like I had said before, I was asked the "question" while I was working as a cashier at Wal Mart in college. I handled it well in front of the lady who asked me, laughed it off, but I cried on my way home.Worst day ever. 

What I haven't told y'all yet, was that I was asked the "question" again, just not to my face. Someone asked Jason if I was expecting..and of course he told me what they said. I was mortified again, but didn't take any action. I just ate away my pain. 

Those were awful moments, and I look back now and think "why didn't that wake me up??" Gosh just thinking back now it makes me want to get up and do some sit ups or something!! 

But now I just think of those moments as fuel! They motivate me and make me want to never be asked the "question" again. 


  1. ... I NEVER say anything unless I am SURE. It would stress me out so much to put myself and anyone else in that situation. Sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and while I can suck my tummy in pretty good, if I give a nice breath out, well, lets just say I try to keep it sucked in so no one feels compelled to ask "the question." I've had five babies and there are not going to be any more ( better not be! I'm too old and while I love all my munchkins, FIVE, I think that is enough for me!)

  2. Ugh so rude! Bon qui qui has it right!

  3. Hi new follower :) Found your blog, love it so far. Totally agree on this one! As females, we should really already know this, right? You wouldn't think you would have to tell people not to say it.

  4. A woman asked?! She apparently lacks her estrogen because all women know not to ask!

    I just love your gifs!

  5. I can't believe someone ASKED you that! Extremely... rude.... Sorry you had to go through that! There's always good in every bad situation though :)

    I also hate when people say "Have you lost weight?!" or "You look like you lost weight!"... I know they're just being polite, complimentary etc. I think a better statement would be "You look great!" or if you know they've been dieting/working out, "Your hard work is totally paying off!"

    I've never been a large person, but I fluctuate within losing/gaining 20-30 pounds A LOT. One time my best male friend had the most curious, completely dumb founded look asking me if I lost a bunch of weight after I lost 10 pounds not trying.... and it made me feel like I was this HUGE person prior to that!

    Well just need to learn some good old tact :)

  6. Oh girl :( I HATE that question!!!!!

  7. Preach!!!! Also I love how you got a picture of dean Winchester in today! Winning!!

  8. good for you! using it as motivation rather than letting it bring you down, shows how far you've come along already <3

  9. Always the best gifs. ALWAYS. ROOOOOODEEE.


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