See Y'all Soon

It's no lie that I've been extremely busy with my job lately. We have a lot going on. The past few weeks every evening and even on the weekends I've got my laptop with me doing things for work. 

I love my job, it's my number one priority. 

I feel bad because I just haven't had enough time the last few weeks to blog and write decent posts like I used to. 

I've got so much stress right now, and I just don't have enough time to do my job and write posts 4-5 times a week. 

I feel like this is a little selfish of me, but after my job calms down a bit, and I regroup a little, I'll get back on it. 

This is not bye forever! This is see you in a month or so. 

I'm still doing my Insanity Challenge, so I think I will return once I am done to share my results with everyone! 

That will be around Mid-April or so. 

I'll still be hanging around on da Instagram, so if you are having "Fluffy Withdrawls", you can hit me up there :)

Ok this is too dramatic......

These are more like it.....

When I get back, hopefully Shaun T will have whipped my ass into shape ;) 

"See" Y'all Soon! 

Insanity Day 15 Fit Test/I'm Obsessed with SOA

Howdy everyone! I apologize for my Monday absence...which I have no excuse for, but being lazy. 

Sat night at our friend's wedding shower! 
Jason and I literally sat on the couch ALL day Sunday and binge watched Sons of Anarchy!!! Haha! (I've watched the entire show, up to this most recent season, and finally convinced him to watch it, and he loves it!! So now I'm re-watching it with him!!)

I'm so obsessed with this show....I love it!!!!

It's sooooo good...even better the second time you watch it... ahhh, Jax Teller mmmmm....... anyways...

Yesterday I did my Day 15 Fit test for Insanity! And I was pleasantly surprised that I improved on everything!

I'm sure these number still look like shit to some people...but you gotta start somewhere right? 

The moves I hate the most on this Fit Test: Power Jumps (ugh) and Globe Jumps (ugh ugh ugh). 

Power Jumps: 

Ewwwwww, I feel like I make so much noise doing these...I try to land quietly, but it doesn't work
I don't even want to see myself doing those, I'm sure I look like such a tard.

They are all hard as shit, but I did improve on everything, only by 1 on a few, but shit that still counts!!!!!!!!!

I'm proud though that I've already made such improvement in just 15 days, and honestly I haven't been doing the Saturday workout.

Here is the Insanity Schedule in case you were curious:

I'm on Week 3 Tuesday, which I'll do tonight!

So have a happy FAT TUESDAY folks! ...try not to eat too much ;)

(I will admit a had a glorious breakfast taco this morning in honor of Fat Tuesday... #sorrynotsorrybitches)

I'm not Catholic, but I've decided to participate in Lent, so now I've got to think of something good to give up!!!! I'll let yall know :)

Buh-Bye Now

I Need a Kid..For Tax Purposes

Finish the Sentence time with my favorite, Holly, and Jake!!! 

1. I always pick pasta over ...anything.

2. Look at the size of those...balls...I mean meatballs

3. I recently learned...You get less taxes taken out of your check if you have offspring...I think I need to get knocked up
Kidding....kind of...

4. Only when no one is looking...I like to eat popsicles like Kate Upton in her photo shoot 

5. I lost my...damn mind after hearing about the Paula Patton /Robin Thicke and Katy Perry/John Mayer breakups..... not really, IDGAF about that stupid crap

6. I was certain I'd be...not living with my parents after school....shit

7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to...sing karaoke 

8. I just finished...Insanity - Plyometric Cardio legs are numb

9. Why does everyone have to into Taylor Swift? I just don't understand it

10. It's very rare when live TV, ain't no body got time for commercials

11. If I were a dog...I'd sleep and eat all day, then piss all over my human's purse, backpack, computer bag, any plastic bag on the floor, and lunch boxes, then I'd take a big dump 2 inches from the puppy pad laid out on the floor for me. I'd act just like my dog

12. I don't believe...people who say they don't like The Walking Dead...greatest show ever!!! 

Happy Friday Y'all! 

From A Wildebeest To A Cheetah

I feel like my world is never going to stop spinning!!! I'm SO busy, but I have been keeping up with my eating pretty well (besides this weekend when I downed a few Seagrams Strawberry Daiquiris...) and letting Shaun T whip my ass with Insanity! 

Insanity is such a badass workout, and I feel like like such a badass during it!! ....Although this is probably true for me:

Oh Yea. That's me LMAO

Whatever. It doesn't matter what you look like, at least you are working your ass off and not growing your ass on the couch!! 

That's what I have to tell myself. Right now I may not look the greatest doing the crazy ass Insanity moves, but I am doing them, and doing them at my pace with the correct form and I know I will see results! 

Point is: Do not fret over looking like a wildebeest running through the mud, as long as you are active and doing things with the right form and burning those calories, one day you will look like a graceful ass cheetah bounding through a field.

Fitted Dress or Sausage Casing?

It's finally Friday!!!! Thank Baby Jesus!!! 

This has been such a long week!!!!! 

Wednesday I announced my new challenge I've taken up: INSANITY! 

I think I'm insane...I am sore as shit!!!!! I am seriously walking around like I've got something stuck up my ass because my legs are so sore....TMI? sorry not sorry.... ;) 

It's going to be a crazy...wait, Insane ride, but I know it will all be worth it in the end! 

Time for my favorite part of the week: 5 on Friday with Darci and #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney!!

Here are my 5 favorite pins of the week!!


The Voice starts Monday!! Can't wait to see Adam!!! And Blake :))))))


His face!!!!! LMAO!




Ohh yes. So true! ;)


LMAO!!!! This is golden

Time for a little #backthatazzup Friday [Country Edition]

Loooooved these guys from The Voice!! The Swon Brothers! Their new single is so good!! 

Later On - The Swon Brothers

Have a great weekend, catch y'all cats Monday!!!

Am I Insane?

Hello Hump Day!! Ok, only 2 more days until Friday, and I can't wait to catch up on some sleep! 

I've done many challenges that I've written about, posted pictures of, bitched about, and so so on here; 30 Day Shred, 10 Day Cleanse, 24 Day Challenge.

I have to decided to take on the challenge I have been most scared of. I actually started it once last year, didn't fully commit, and quit pretty quick. Plus I don't think I was in good enough shape to actually (sort of) keep up with it. 

I will be doing Shaun T's INSANITY

Ah shit what am I getting myself into?!

Ok, I've done the first month's workouts at least once a piece, and let me just say, they are hard as hell. 

I burned a ton of calories just in the damn Fit Test! And let me just say, that I did the Fit Test once before, and it did seem a tad bit easier for me this time. I think Jillian has really helped me out! 

Fit Test Results:

After the Fit Test.. freakin cute is this tank from Ruffles With Love?!?! I LOVE it!! I got the Fat Amy cardio quote one too ;) 

Anyways, I'm am very excited/nervous about doing Insanity. 60 days is a long time, but I know if I did my other challenges for 24 - 30 days in a row, I can do this! 

Anyone else out there finish Insanity?! See results?? 

I'll be giving you guys updates at 30 and 60 days, and little tie bits in between! 


Ok, so let me get to Weigh In Wednesday with my girls Heather and Ash

Alright, it's been a depressing last couple of weeks weight loss wise. I worked 12 days straight, 14-15 hour days, ate like shit, didn't work out, barely slept. Sucked big ones. 

Ok, so 3 weeks ago, I weighed in (according to work scale) at 194.2 (193 at home)

Week after that gained 0.8, so 195. 

Next week, didn't weigh.

And since I didn't weight this past Friday for the Biggest Loser, so I'll just let y'all know what I weighed this morning at home. 

2/19 - 195.7 (home scale) 

Confused yet? Haha So basically I gained 2.7 lbs since 1/29. 

I'm actually impressed because I know how bad I was eating while we were working all those days. (Candy, cookies, pizza, wings, spaghetti...good shit to stay awake and deal with stress, but bad for you shit!)

I know I'll get back on track, I already feel much better after starting Insanity up, and eating clean again. Hopefully work will continue to get less stressful! 

Mmkay, Bye Bye now! 

Fat Amy & April Bring You An Ab Workout

Oh my goodness boys and girls, my life is like a damn whirlwind right now! I mentioned that we have converted to a new billing system last Monday at work, since then I've been getting about 80 hours a week. We are incredibly busy, so I just don't have a lot of time, but it is slowing down and I'm hoping to start posting like I normally do again!! 

Buttt, I have finally picked out a challenge to start up!!!! I'm kind of intimidated by it, having started before and not finished. I'll be telling y'all what it is tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday! 

My Texas Blogger friend April from OverExtended April is helping me out today!!! She's got a fantastic post written up, with a workout for all of you to try!! :)


Hello to all of the Fluffy-fans! This is April from OverExtended April along with my alter-ego friend, "Amy"

Sorry, okay its "Fat Amy," I stand corrected.

"Fat Amy" and I give a rundown of an exercise activity or plan that we recently survived, I try to be the proper healthy person with a positive attitude, and well Amy fulfills the role of the funky funny smartass who everyone loves more.

PS...If you don't know who "Fat Amy" is, then Ashton (Fluffy) has allowed you a grace period of two hours to return to her blog after watching Pitch Perfect. No worries, we will wait.

This week, we randomly received a bonus workout from The Betty Rocker since we thought we were done with the January challenge that kicked our butts and we are still sore from!

So we decided to humor Betty and attempt the latest mini-workout for lower-abs.
Amy? that isn't going to help us...get up and listen to Betty!

Amy, you ready to do this?? How you feelin?
I guess that is a good feeling? okydoky, let's start!

Betty Rocker's Lower-Ab MiniWorkout
**Please use paperplates, cardboard, or anything to help slide on the carpet or flooring**
  • 10 (each side) single knee slides 
  • 10 Double Knee slides
  • 10 Pike slides
  • 10 (each side) crossover slides
  • 10 (each side) double knee side slides
  • REPEAT the series

Not too bad, right?  Don't worry, you will feel it tomorrow morning if you sneeze or cough.

Well at least one of us survived, but I think she's exaggerating.

A special thank you to Ashton for letting "Amy" and I guest post this week.  
If you check us out at OverExtended April, you can find the entire Betty Rocker Challenge 
spoiled for you by "Fat Amy."

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